Best Golf Clubs For A Beginner

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This post is designed to offer some help to you if you are thinking of buying your first set of golf clubs and are not sure which are the best golf clubs for a beginner.

Package sets are very popular nowadays but there are also plenty of suitable beginners sets which you can buy i.e woods, irons, putter and bag separately or even buy the irons individually.

When I first started playing golf it was traditional to buy half a set of clubs and add the other half at a later stage, a half set would be made up of alternate clubs i.e 3,5,7 and 9 irons then you would fill in the gaps as you go and a full set of clubs was made up of 3 Woods and 9 Irons. Whilst this is still possible to do it is often more convenient to buy a package set. Package sets usually consist of approximately 12 clubs (14 is the maximum you are allowed to carry at once) The clubs are an assortment of Woods, Hybrids, Irons and of course a Putter plus a bag and in most cases offer quite a financial saving when compared to buying all the equipment separately.

What Am I Looking For

There are a vast amount of clubs to choose from and obviously as a new golfer that can seem quite daunting. There are certain things however to look out for in a club if you are a beginner which can make the game much easier for you.

What I will say at this stage is that even if you are not sure what you are looking for in a golf club it really helps if you like the look of the club, this might sound obvious but if you like the look of them you are slightly less likely to blame them every time you hit a bad shot 🙂 Clubs have a variety of designs and you need to like the look of them both in the bag and when you address the ball as it will help to install confidence which is essential at all levels of golf not just as a beginner.

When reading through the following advice please bear in mind that we are referring to the irons in the set. It is quite important to have all your irons from a matching set but it’s not necessary to have woods that match your Irons. If you buy a beginners package then the woods included will be designed to match that standard of player but if you are looking to just buy a set of irons then you can add the wood or woods separately.

Hybrids are also very common clubs now for all levels of player, Hybrids are kind of a mix between woods and Irons and are often used to replace long irons (1-4 Irons typically) as long irons can be quite difficult to use in comparison to the shorter irons (5 iron upwards)

Common Features of Beginners Clubs

The things to look out for in a golf club if you are a beginner are :

Larger than standard club heads – The benefit of this is the larger the club head the larger the sweet spot which will give you better results on off-centre hits.

Peripheral weighting – This is where more weight is placed around the outside to the club head which again will give you better results on off-centre hits, this is also sometimes referred to as heel and toe weighting or cavity back golf clubs.

Wider Sole – This is where more weight is placed on the sole of the club giving it a wider appearance. The benefit of this is when you strike the ball more weight gets under the golf ball promoting a higher launch and therefore more height on your shots.

Other Features To Look Out For

Other features manufacturers incorporate into golf clubs to make them easier to use are:

Offset clubheads – This is where the leading edge of the club is set back slightly from the base of the shaft to help to encourage the hands to remain ahead of the club head at impact.

Slightly shorter shafts – This isn’t true of all beginners clubs but sometimes beginners can find a club easier to use if it is a bit shorter than standard. There will potentially be a slight loss of distance associated with this but improved consistency and a better strike can often outweigh any slight loss of distance.


Buying your first set of golf clubs should be an exciting prospect and not one to feel apprehensive about. It is quite easy now to do a bit of research online and get an idea of prices and of the type of club that may be suitable for you and although they may all seem fairly similar it will make the game much easier for you in the early stages if you try and select a club with the features I have listed above.

Lots of people use their beginners sets through to a good standard, you don’t have to upgrade as soon as you become more proficient at golf but by the time you have played for a year or so you will have got a much better idea of the type of golf club that suits you best.

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