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Hi, a very warm welcome to my website!!

EnjoyPlayingGolf.com is all about helping golfers of all ages and abilities to get the maximum enjoyment out of the wonderful game of Golf. Within this website you will find plenty of information on all aspects of golf from improving your game through to the health and wellbeing benefits and lots more in between.

Many thanks and let’s all Enjoy Playing Golf.

About Simon

I would just like to tell you a little bit about myself and how and why I came to develop EnjoyPlayingGolf.com.

My name is Simon and I have been a fully qualified PGA Golf Professional for over 20 years now, in that time I have gained a vast amount of valuable experience on every aspect of the game. I am really excited at the prospect of being in a position to pass this knowledge on to others and to help people to improve their game. On top of that I want to help people to appreciate and understand what a great game this is. I also have a very keen interest in the psychology of golf and have recently successfully completed the PGA Certificate in Golf Psychology.

My Golfing Journey

I first hit a golf ball when I was 13 and was totally hooked from that moment, by the age of 18 I was playing County Golf and then I was offered the amazing opportunity to spend a year caddying on The European Tour mixing with the stars of the day, Seve Ballesteros, Bernhard Langer, Nick Faldo to name but a few.

This experience convinced me that I wanted a career in golf so started working in a local Pro Shop, started my PGA training and in 1995 became a fully qualified PGA Golf Professional.

I spent time teaching in Australia and Poland before settling back in the UK and focused quite heavily on disability coaching becoming County Disability Coach in 2010. Although I love all coaching I really enjoyed my disability sessions and realised anyone can play golf and get huge benefits from it. After this my focus turned from not only trying to achieve results but to try to achieve maximum enjoyment.

Of course the obvious way to enjoy playing golf is to improve your game and I want to help you with that but that is certainly NOT the only way.


Why I Want to Help People

Golf can be a very challenging game and I once read that if you only enjoy playing when you play really well then you are probably only going to enjoy one round in ten which is probably true but the thing is you don’t have to be really good at golf to enjoy it you just need to feel you are making progress.

I have so often seen golfers coming off the course angry and fed up because they haven’t played well having spent all week at work looking forward getting out onto the course and that always seemed such a shame.

Of course golf isn’t as much fun if you are playing badly and that happens to us all but there is always something you can do to improve your chances of playing well the next week. There are so many beautiful golf courses around the world that are accessible to anyone who wants to play them. Playing 18 holes out in the fresh air has so many proven benefits for your health and if you feel you are progressing and learning more about the game each week then golf really can be a positive influence on your life in general.

One thing  that I would like to say at this point is yes a traditional game of golf consists of playing 18 holes at a golf club as a member or visitor but golf can be whatever you want it to be to you. Some people like to play 18 holes round a golf course, some just like to play at Par 3 courses and to some people golf is a an hour at a driving range every now and again hitting balls, it’s entirely up to you.

Just to put a bit of perspective on things:

I met a very inspiring young man called John whilst doing my disability sessions a few years ago that I would like to tell you about because he really did change the way I looked at coaching and golf in general. John was part of a group of 14-25 year olds from British Blind Sport who used to have sessions with me back in 2010-2011.

As well as his visual impairment John used an electric wheelchair and had limited function in his arms. Between us we worked out that John could hold an adapted club in his left hand that I had made for him which had a shaft with a 30 degree angle in it and he would basically use his wrist to ‘flick’ the balls around 5-10 yards out onto the driving range. He loved his golf lessons as much as anyone I have ever taught in 25 years and he used to email me asking when the next session was, now that for me was ultimate job satisfaction and made me realise anyone and everyone can enjoy playing golf.

By the way the rest of the guys in that group were totally amazing as well, I remember them so well because that was my introduction to disability coaching and I remember being really really nervous before hand despite having given literally 1000’s of lessons over the years previously.



The Aim of This Website

What this website aims to do is to provide help and guidance on all aspects of the game of golf, you will find swing instruction, equipment advice, information and reports on the health and wellbeing benefits both physical and mental, swing trainers, golf tech and much more.

As I said before I have been a qualified golf professional for over 20 years and  after all that time I still get immense pleasure from seeing people enjoying their golf and I believe I can help you to do just that. I really hope you enjoy my website and I hope you get some value from it, I will be providing lots of free content and please feel free to contact me with any specific questions or just to let me know how you’re getting on


All the best,


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