10 Reasons To Play Golf – Why So Many People Play

It’s estimated that there are around 60 million golfers worldwide, there are golf courses in over 200 countries and golf was reinstated as an Olympic sport for the 2016 games in Rio. Golf is an enormously popular game for so many reasons and is enjoyed by a hugely diverse range of people. Below I have listed 10 reasons to play golf which will help you to understand why so many people get so much enjoyment from this wonderful game.

1. You can play golf at any age

You really can start playing golf at any age. I have taught children as young as 5 and literally hundreds of people in their 70s and beyond, there are absolutely no barriers as far as age is concerned when it comes to taking up the game.

2. Golf offers amazing health and wellbeing benefits.

Most golf courses average around 6000 + yards in length and when you add the walks between the tee’s and greens and a bit of zig zagging up the fairway ( yep we all do that ) you can end up walking up to 4 miles. This is all done in the fresh air at a leisurely pace providing a very healthy combination of walking, muscular activity and social interaction. The benefits don’t stop there either, on top of the physical benefits golf can improve self-esteem, confidence and can reduce stress levels.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine have reported that a study carried out in Sweden in 2016 on 300,000 golfers and non golfers showed golfers live 5 years longer than those who don’t play golf. Now if that’s not a good reason to play then I don’t know what is 🙂

3. Develop lifelong friendships.

This speaks for itself really, playing golf really is a great way of meeting lots of like-minded people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Children generally make friends quickly and easily so joining a junior programme, which are often heavily subsidized, offers a great chance to make new friends. On the other hand a lot of people decide to take up golf upon retiring and find themselves with a new hobby and a new circle of friends.

4. Great social life

This is of course is totally up to you. Some people play golf with a small circle of friends and maybe have a drink afterwards or maybe not which is absolutely fine but if you want it there is a massive social life attached to golf.

You can join a golf club if you wish and you will then have the opportunity to attend regular social functions, prize giving awards, parties, away days, club matches etc. Alternatively you can join a golf society whether you are a member of a club or not, a lot of pubs/clubs/ social groups have a golf society.

5. It’s a fantastic challenge-builds character

This is where traditionally you’re told that golf is a really difficult game and that it’s incredibly frustrating. Well the truth is with a bit of guidance and a bit of practice anyone can learn to hit a golf ball. Once you can hit it you just keep practicing until you hit it a bit further and a bit straighter, the more you practice the better you get.

That said sometimes it just doesn’t all go to plan and that’s where the challenge comes in, when it’s not going well it can feel like you will never play well again….but you will. Maybe you will need to take a couple of lessons from a professional, maybe a quick tip from one of your golfing partners will solve it or maybe it will just come back as quick as it went for no apparent reason but whatever happens you will have learned from it and will be better equipped to deal with a bad round if and when it happens again.

6. The whole family can play together


Yes another one of the amazing things about golf is the whole family can play together and it doesn’t matter what standard each person plays to. I regularly teach families, sometimes they are all starting together or sometimes one of the family members is an established player who wants to introduce the rest of the family to the game. If I’m honest though the kids usually ditch the parents fairly quickly and go off and play with the other Juniors 🙂

7. Brings you closer to nature.

Again this is pretty self-explanatory, I think most people will agree that getting out into nature has an amazingly positive effect on the way you feel. Try to remember when your out on the course not to get too caught up in the game, enjoy the environment that you are in as well.

8. Enormous Business/networking benefits.

A lot of business is done on the golf course, most companies have golf days which can be a great chance to meet potential customers/clients in a very relaxed and friendly environment. A lot of my beginners state that the reason they have decided to start playing is that the company that they work for hosts large golf days and they feel they are missing out because they don’t play.

9. You don’t have to be any good at golf to enjoy it.

This is a point that I can’t stress enough, you really don’t have to be a great golfer to get loads of enjoyment from the game. You just need to feel that you are making progress, some people have lessons and some people like to try to figure it out for themselves but however you do it don’t think the only way to enjoy this game is to get really good at it. It’s great to have that as a goal if you want but enjoy the journey, put a bit of regular practice in and you will make progress, that’s how to enjoy the game.

10. Loads and loads of great gadgets and accessories.

There is so much cool stuff out there now for golfers, the essentials are some clubs and a bag to put them in oh and a few balls and tees and if that’s all you want to get then that’s fine. If however you like to really get yourself kitted out there are so many gizmos and gadgets, you will be so easy to buy for every Christmas and Birthday once you start playing that’s for sure. By the way you don’t have to wear ridiculous clothing anymore now either, some golf clothing is actually pretty cool and the dress codes on the courses are now far more relaxed.

In Summary

Golf really is a great game and is so much more accessible now than it’s ever been. I hope you have found the above post of some value. If you are thinking of starting playing I hope this has at least made you consider giving it a try and please check out my post on How to Start Playing Golf for some more help and guidance on how to take the next step.

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